Milomir Dragović

Milomir Dragović
Software Engineer and Founder @ Taraba

Milomir is the senior software engineer, lecturer, and speaker. Generalist, interested in all aspects of product development from a business aspect all the way to hands-on development. Fan of LEAN methodology, Linux, PHP, and Cyrillic letter. Founder of Taraba, a startup with the main goal to make Serbian tradition great again.

TOPIC: Building a Successful Multilingual Website

Multilingual websites are here since ever, and so are mistakes we make building them.
Let’s make a great cocktail of a few exotic ingredients: content, UX, flags, routes, database architecture, SEO and domains.
The result will be a to-do checklist that will make everyone happy building a new multilingual website. Everyone, really?
Yes, even translators will take a sip of our new wet cocktail.