Marina Božić

Marina Božić
Senior Software Developer @ Avisto Eastern Europe

With more than 10 years of experience working on distributed Web applications and custom ETL tools, Marina is currently working as a Senior Software Developer at Avisto Eastern Europe. She enjoys dealing with the challenges of modern enterprise software architectures as well as cloud native systems. Life-long learning is something she believes in and she found her role as a mentor within Avisto’s ambitious internship program.

TOPIC: Optimize data fetching in 3 easy steps in Java Spring Application

Fetching and preserving data is a tale as old as time. We need the persistence layer and we need to communicate with it. But how we do it can make a real difference and dramatically impact the application performance.

We will talk about picking the right tool for the job. I will take you through the three steps we made to archive a flawless application: Entity Graph, JPQL and Redis based cache.